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Warranty Service

Terms of Diagnostics

The maximum term of diagnostics is from 1 to 5 business days. Express option is possible.

Harmonization of Repair

After diagnostics, we harmonize the cost and repair time with the customer.

Reparable Equipment 

We repair equipment of different manufacturers.

Service Payment

We accept cash and cashless payments. Money transfer for corporate customers.

Warranty Service:

NEDEK is the authorized service of the following manufacturers: FEIN, REMS, RUKO

Warranty repair: REBIR, AL-KO, STIGA, SOLO

There are banners below on the page, click on the banner, explanations of the warranty of the manufacturers FEIN, REMS, RUKO, REBIR, AL-KO, STIGA, SOLO for the countries of EU will open

Acceptance for Warranty Repair

The essential requirements for the equipment acceptance for warranty repair are:

1. Availability of a guarantee voucher with a stamp and signature of a seller, as well as indication of the sale date, a product name, a check or invoice confirming the purchase or sale.
2. The serial number on the instrument must be clearly read. If the serial number cannot be read, the guarantee is automatically cancelled.
3. The proper state of equipment and the availability of complete set of a model drawn up upon purchasing (the presence of the product packaging is not necessarily).
4. Fully or partially disassembled electrical instruments are not accepted for warranty repair.

Stages and Terms of Warranty Repair of the Electrical Instruments and Equipment

Once you have delivered your instrument to our service centre, our repairmen will carry out diagnostics within 1-2 days. In some cases, diagnostics is made in the presence of the client. After diagnostics, our manager will call you and tell about deadlines and cost of the repair of an instrument (if the replacement of spare parts not included in the warranty will be required). Only after your accept we start the repair. Unforeseen circumstances may arise in the process of clearing faults - the increase in the cost or deadlines of delivery of spare parts, if they are not in stock. We will always inform you by phone about all the changes.

It should be explained, if you have already been provided the service of diagnostics, which is pay service in the non-warranty case, you can take the equipment away if you refuse to repair it due to the reason of unprofitability, paying only for diagnostics. Also, you can leave it in the service centre for utilization on account of execution the works related with bringing out defects. In case, the instrument is repaired in full under warranty, fee for diagnostics is not charged.


Important! The warranty does not apply:

The warranty does not apply for damages due to improper use or non-compliance with instruction, overloading, use under incorrect mains voltage or current type, using the wrong equipment, as well as due to unforeseen cases, in particular due to falling or impact (mechanical damage). In addition, the warranty cannot be applied for the instruments which have natural signs of wear and tear, as well as operation (the warranty does not cover consumable parts such as cables, carbon brushes, bearings, oiling, etc.)


The warranty period shall be 12 months from delivery of the new product to the first user. The date of delivery shall be documented by the submission of the original purchase documents, which must include the date of purchase and the designation of the product. All functional defects occurring within the warranty period, which are clearly the consequence of defects in production or materials, will be remedied free of charge. The remedy of defects shall not extend or renew the warranty period for the product. Damage attributable to natural wear and tear, incorrect treatment or misuse, failure to observe the operational instructions, unsuitable operating materials, excessive demand, use for unauthorized purposes, interventions by the customer or a third party or other reasons, for which REMS is not responsible, shall be excluded from the warranty.

Services under the warranty may only be provided by customer service stations authorized for this purpose by REMS. Complaints will only be accepted if the product is returned to a customer service station authorized by REMS without prior interference in an unassembled condition. Replaced products and parts shall become the property of REMS.

The user shall be responsible for the cost of shipping and returning the product. The legal rights of the user, in particular the right to make claims against the seller under the warranty terms, shall not be affected. This manufacturer’s warranty only applies for new products which are purchased in the European Union, in Norway or in Switzerland.

This warranty is subject to German law with the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sales of Goods (CISG).



1. The client delivers and takes away the instrument himself

2. Courier services throughout Latvia.

3. NEDEK will take your equipment directly from the site and return it back after the repair (Riga, Jurmala)

Delivery prices

They are individual and pre-harmonized with the client


We will be happy to answer all your questions and provide the information you need

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