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Repair of Garden Equipment

Terms of Diagnostics

The maximum term of diagnostics is from 1 to 5 business days. Express option is possible.

Harmonization of Repair

After diagnostics, we harmonize the cost and repair time with the customer.

Reparable Equipment 

We repair equipment of different manufacturers.

Service Payment

We accept cash and cashless payments. Money transfer for corporate customers.

Repair of Garden Equipment.

Any equipment may need the help of specialists in the field of repair and service maintenance after expiration of certain operation time. To extend the service life of gasoline engines, they might also need the functional repair with the replacement of worn-out or damaged details during their operation in addition to regular maintenance. NEDEK offers its services of warranty (to be specified) and post-warranty repair of garden equipment of different manufacturers. 

How does our Workshop of Garden Equipment Repair Works? Once you have delivered your instrument to our service centre, our repairmen will carry out diagnostics within 1-5 days. After diagnostics, our manager will call you and tell about deadlines and cost of the repair of an instrument. Only after your accept we start the repair. Unforeseen circumstances may arise in the process of clearing faults - the increase in the cost or deadlines of delivery of spare parts, if they are not in stock. We will always inform you by phone about all the changes.

It should be explained, if you have already been provided the service of diagnostics, which is pay service, you can take the equipment away if you refuse to repair it due to the reason of unprofitability, paying only for diagnostics. Also, you can leave it in the service centre for utilization on account of execution the works related with bringing out defects.

Service of Garden Equipment.

We provide services of the garden equipment: Spark-plugs replacement, Air filters Replacement and cleaning, Oil change.

Sharpening of Electric saws and Gasoline Chain Saws.

It is important not to only sharpen the chain, it is important to sharpen the chain correctly! We set up the correct working angle for each type of chains, the right angle of the side cutting edge and we certainly follow the cutting depth limiter.

Sale of Accessories.

Check out the assortment in our online store. If you have not found what you were looking for, please let us know and we will try to help you. We constantly supplement our product range to meet customer requests.

Sale of spare parts.

If you have any difficulties to find spare parts, we are always happy to assist you in this issue.

Rent of Garden Equipment.

We hire out garden equipment and instruments and rent equipment required for repair and construction works. All information can be found in the section of rental.


1. The client delivers and takes away the instrument himself

2. Courier services throughout Latvia.

3. NEDEK will take your equipment directly from the site and return it back after the repair (Riga, Jurmala)

Delivery prices

They are individual and pre-harmonized with the client


We will be happy to answer all your questions and provide the information you need

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